Each team is asked to print its own score sheet each week by having a team member log in to his or her Online Member Services account at and selecting “Scoresheets” from the top menu. [ Click here for instructions on claiming your online account ,]

Once a team match is completed, each team is asked to email the completed score sheet (when submitting 9-Ball sheets, please submit BOTH sides) to [email protected] no later than the due date listed below. This can be accomplished either by taking a photo of the score sheet with your phone, by using a document scanning app on your phone or by using a scanning machine. Please make sure we can easily read your submitted score sheet or you may be asked to resubmit it or you may lose bonus points. We recommend using a phone scanning app or a home/office scanning machine and submitting your score sheets in PDF format in order to ensure an acceptable quality image.

Recommended free scanning apps: Evernote Scannable  (iPhone)   CamScanner (Android)

If your team does not have any members that can print and/or email your score sheets back to the League Office, please contact the League Office as soon as possible so that we can work with you on a solution.


In order to ensure that league stats are updated in a timely fashion and in order for a team to earn its bonus points each week, it is necessary that teams submit their fees and neat, accurate score sheets no later than 10:00am on the due date:

Sunday and Monday teams: due by 10:00 am the following Thursday

Tuesday teams: due by 10:00 am the following Friday

Wednesday and Thursday teams: due by 10:00 am the following Monday

Friday and Saturday teams: due by 10:00 am the following Wednesday